Magento Imagine (and PreImagine) 2012

Written by: Ignacio

Magento Imagine is just a few days away from becomig the largest (and coolest) e-commerce event of all times. 

Hundreds of devote Magento folks we'll concentrate in Las Vegas for 3 days of intensive networking, learning and discussion around the fastest growing e-commerce platform of this planet. From developers to store owners, from partners to Magento staff, everybody is excited about this event and all the buzz around and since we breathe Magento, this year, 3 of us, Pablo, Eli and I are heading to Vegas to be part of this huge event.

Drop us a line if you'll be around and want to connect, or just nudge us while in Vegas, we'll be wearing our classic "ebizmarts" black t-shirts sporting MailChimp's and Sage Pay's logos. 

Last but not least, we are one of the proud sponsors of the community driven #PreImagine tweetup taking place on Sunday 21st, the day before the official conference starts. This tweetup will a great opportunity to connect to the coolest guys in the Magento Arena, like Roy Rubin from Magento, Karen Baker from WebShopApps, Kevin Eichelberger from BlueAcorn and Sherrie Rohde from Sweet Tooth Rewards.

See you in Las Vegas! Nos vemos en las Vegas!





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