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I have enabled layaway but I cannot proceed past the screen without entering the full amount. Is there a way I can just capture the amount they're actually paying to put the item on layaway without having to discount the merchandise to the actual amount? Example: Someone laid away a Samsung Tablet from us that cost $100 ($108 after tax). The amount they need to pay is $30 to layaway. I cannot process the payment as $30 with the layaway payment option, it is still waiting to pay the rest of the amount. It is difficult to take in exactly $30 since taxes get added as a discount.
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Hello, using your example, you can first enter $30 in the checkout screen, and add another payment for Layaway, so you would have $30 as cash(or the payment option selected) and the rest as Layaway, send the order, whenever you need to add a new payment, go to POS app Menu > History, select the order(you'll see it with a tag for Layaway) open the '...' menu on the top right, and select Add Layaway, and you'll have the option to add an additional payment, once all payments are done the order will Complete in Magento.


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