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Unsubscribing and Re-Subscribing Issues for both Magento Admin and Front End Website(s).
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We are trying to unsubscribe customers from the Newsletter either in the Magento Admin or on the Front End Website when logged in to “My Accounts” and also re-subscribe customers to the Newsletter.

Scenario (1):
When going into Magento Admin > Customers > Manage Customers > Newsletter to Unsubscribe a customer from the Newsletter, the “Subscribed to Newsletter?” is still check offed even after unchecking the box and saving. Even though this successfully unsubscribes a customer from MailChimp, we aren’t able to re-subscribe a customer back onto the Newsletter.

Scenario (2):
When logging onto the Front End Website and going to My Accounts > Newsletter Subscription, our page does not offer any buttons to Unsubscribe or Subscribe. Nothing is also checked off so customers wouldn’t know if they were actually subscribed or not. When I checked the box for the Newsletter List and Saved, I was successfully Unsubscribed from the Newsletter. When I try to check off the box again and re-subscribe to the Newsletter, it doesn’t work.

Question (1):
In Scenario 1, how can we resolve the Check Box issue so that it actually stays unchecked when unsubscribed and checked for subscribed?

Question (2):
In Scenario 2, how can we add actual subscribe unsubscribe buttons? We rather not shoe the MailChimp List name.

Question (3):
For Both Scenarios, How can we make the re-subscribe option work?
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The re-subscription problem is caused by a change on MailChimp's API which doesn't allow our current API version to re-subscribe subscribers. We are in contact with MailChimp to find a solution, also we are developing a library to integrate MageMonkey with the new MailChimp API version.

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