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Issues with Mailchimp4Magento
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MailChimp for Magento is a new extension that uses MailChimp's v3 API to support automation features. It is still not a complete a replacement for MageMonkey as its feature set doesn't match MageMonkey's yet. The product is already stable and ready for use but note that for the moment is lacking some features, if you need one of these stay with MageMonkey for now until we add them.


Note again that Mailchimp for Magento is not an upgrade but a new extension, because of this it cannot work along side Mailchimp in MageMonkey, MageMonkey must be uninstalled completely before installing Mailchimp for Magento.

Abandoned Carts:

Since version 1.0.6 the extension supports Abandoned Carts, but unlike MageMonkey it doesn't require Mandrill for it, it uses the Mailchimp automations, this means that our extension only takes care of sending the correct data to Mailchimp but you must configure the Abandoned Carts in Mailchimp, there is a guide here:


Since version 1.1.0 the extension supports Mandrill as the transactional email service for all Magento emails.

Multi-store support:

This feature is now available, you need version 1.1.6 or newer to have it, you simply have to configure the settings in each store view (not website scope).

You can look at all the available Mailchimp Automations here:

Regardless if you are using and having any issues with the new extension please make sure you have the latest version from the store before making a new thread.

You can get it here.


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