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Issues on MailChimp4Magento
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On 14th of June we did install the Ebizmarts_MailChimp4Magento-1.0.1 extension and we did see a lot of problems since then in our webshops. ( we installed it in 2 of our webshops )

Here are the issues:
• All the orders that are completed have messed up ordernumbers. They all did change. If we look to the orders we do see that the orderstatuses are update a lot right after the install of the extension ( see screenshots I did send to the support mail )
• We also have issues with adding or updating products. They are giving a SQL error.

The SQL error was solved by deactivating the extension.

Can you help us?

Thank you.
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Hello perry,

Please read this thread: Issues with Mailchimp4Magento

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Dear Pablo,

But can you tell me how to resolve the original order numbers back to the order? Now the ordernumbers are messed up and can't connect them anymore in our external financial software to the invoices.

Please let me know.
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Sorry for the delay on this answer? Were you able to solve this in the latest version? Everything should work okay in 1.0.6.

Also please note that a new version with Mandrill as a transactional email service for Magento will be available next week.



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