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Success Page Reverting To Base Theme
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Hi All,

I have installed Sagepay 3.6.4 on Mangento CE

Everything works fine accept the success page which is being loaded from the base theme rather than my custom theme.

I have tested on the default theme too and I get the same issue. Using Cash on Delivery as a payment method works fine.

Everything appears to be in order, so I am at a loss as to why Magento is falling back to the base theme, unless its specifically being told to by the extension??

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I'm having exactly the same problem
Magento CE 1.8 with a custom theme running Sagepay 3.6.4
Also using the Templates Master Firecheckout extension, which I have disabled but the probelm remains

Did this issue every get resolved, and if so, how?
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Hello Henry,

We received your ticket. We will continue the investigation there.



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