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Bug in subscriber status
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The observer in MailChimp for Magento 1.0.5 tries to call addGuestSubscriber method of API when subscription status changes.

This generates an error in log:

Member Exists for Api Call: lists/xxxxxxxxxx/members - is already a list member. Use PUT to insert or update list members.

It should be grabbing subscriber hash and calling the addOrUpdate method instead.

By the way, it looks like ListMembers.php has a bunch of typos using 'list' instead of 'lists'.

return $this->master->call('list/'.$listId.'/members/'.$subscriberHash,$_params,Ebizmarts_Mailchimp::PUT); I've used the old MageMonkey module for years, and appreciate all of your team's efforts. Hope the new module gets stable soon. Best of luck.
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Sorry for the delay on this answer? Were you able to solve this in the latest version? Everything should work okay in 1.0.6.

Also please note that a new version with Mandrill as a transactional email service for Magento will be available next week.



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