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Upgrade to Mailchimp for Magento (API 3.0) from MageMonkey (API 2.0)
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Hi Ebizmarts,

I'm looking to upgrade from MageMonkey + Mandrill etc which uses API 2.0 to Mailchimp for Magento which uses API 3.0.

Understand Mailchimp released an installation instruction guide here:

Also understand that API 3.0 only has Mailchimp subscriber syncing and ecommerce360 at the moment. If we upgrade now, will it affect our Mandrill settings?

When installing Mailchimp for Magento, how can we do so without disrupting all the existing sync to our Mailchimp account? Will any further information provided help so that perhaps you can better understand our situation?

Please do let us know.
Thank you very much.
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Yes, please keep me in the loop of things here too.
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Its not exactly an upgrade, Mailchimp for Magento is another module (from us), and for the moment it doesn't have Mandrill integration.

If you want to install it and keep using Mandrill, you have to use both MageMonkey and Mailchimp for Magento, but please be sure that you disable the Mailchimp section in MageMonkey, otherwise you are going to have errors because their functions overlap. But you can use the other functionalities of MageMonkey being this the Mandrill integration for Abandoned Carts and Autoresponders.

On the other hand, Mailchimp for Magento (1.0.6) now has Abandoned Cart support using the Mailchimp automations (therefore it doesn't require Mandrill):

Best regards


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