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Data Not syncing
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SO we installed the new version to link mailchimp and magento, its linked the cron is set but nothing is showing in mailchimp with ecommerce data equally on the settings area of magento it says the below not showing it has synced anything but has connected to mailchimp?!

Username: xxxx
Data uploaded to MailChimp:
Total Subscribers: 13296
Total Customers: 0
Total Products: 0
Total Orders: 0
Total Carts: 0
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Have you enabled ecommerce data? Try doing a reset of the ecommerce data, it should start syncing using the cron.

Make sure you are on version 1.0.6
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Yes. I did but dont know how to run the cron job.
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The cronjob runs automatically every a specific amount of time to export a certain amount of data, it doesn't do it all at once because it would cause overload.

You can use this extension to do what you ask though:


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