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Mandrill in Mailchimp4Magento
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Hi, I am using Magento ver., and MageMonkey v1.1.35.
Now we want to use Mailchimp4Magento latest version.
When I install, it add new tab in adminpanel as MailChimp and it keeps old one.

We want to keep old Mandrill integration and add new Mailchimp4Magento.

What should I do?
Remove old monkey mage only?
Remove old monkey mage and all related stuff?

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Mandrill is included in MailChimp For Magento.
To get what you want you need to uninstall MageMonkey, you can see how to do this here.
Then install this version: Ebizmarts_MailChimp4Magento-1.1.2-RC

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How Mandrill should be configured to work without Magemonkey but with Mailchimp4Magento installed? Not can find any user guide or admin section for that. Please advice
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Found it

So to everyone who is also confused - you should disable MageMonky complete ( all extensions) and new Mailchimp4Magento extension will cover Mandrill integration also - appear next to Mailchimp on System -> Configuration


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