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New orders not syncing
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I am running Mailchimp4Magento v1.1.1. It all seems to be set up OK.
In order to get the list connected I had to "reset eCommerce data" Which I think triggered all past data to be sent to Mailchimp. All past orders, customers and newsletter subscriptions have synced into MC fine however, any new orders that come in are not syncing to my list in MC.

In the Mailchimp_Errors.log file I can see the following error multiple times...
2016-10-31T09:25:04+00:00 DEBUG (7): Resource Not Found : The requested resource could not be found.

I was running Magemonkey before updating to Mailchimp4Magento and have uninstalled that.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

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Try with this version:

And the reset local error and ecommerce data again


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