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Number shown on configuration don't match
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We have seen some folks asking about why the numbers shown on the configuration page are not the same as the ones in the store.

Total Subscribers: This shows the amount of subscribers for the hole MailChimp account, including all the lists.
You can verify if all subscribers have been sent going to Newsletter -> Subscribers and check if the total number matches the number on the configuration.

Total Customers: This shows all the registered customers and guests who made a purchase.
You can verify if all customers have been sent you can go to Customers -> Manage Customers. The total number of customers must be equal or lower to the amount of customers shown on the configuration.

Total Orders: This shows all orders after the date configured.
The total amount of orders shown at Sales -> Order should be the same of the number shown on the configuration.
If a first date filter has been placed, the same date needs to be added in the order grid.

Total Carts: This shows all the carts abandoned after the date configured.
The easiest way to see if carts are being sent properly is to abandon a cart and see if the number on the configuration grows.

Total Products: This show all the products sent.
To verify this number you need to go to Catalog -> Products and filter based on enabled products. After you get that total you need to subtract the grouped and bundled products.

I hope this helps to clarify some users.



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