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Cronjob gets stuck
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I'll do that and let you know.

Thank you!
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pablo keller - 2017-02-13

With older data I mean from before the extension was installed.

Try installing version 1.1.5, it has some bug fixes in ecommerce syncing:

After the upgrade flush the Magento cache, then reset local errors and ecommerce data.

I have installed 1.1.5 and have exactly the same issue. mailchimp_bulksync_data job in the cron table never completes, often the MYSQL server becomes unresponsive, and the cron on the server gets stuck.

This is a huge issue because with Mage 1.9.x transactional emails no longer get sent as they rely on the cron to be working.

I have to SSH into the server, find the cron process and kill it. Then the transactional emails fly out until the mailchimp_bulksync_data task starts running, at which point the cron then gets stuck again.

Do you have any suggestions as to how we can mitigate this issue as it is causing huge distruption. For now we have disabled the Extension.
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When the cronjob gets stuck it generally means that some other extension is causing conflict, I would advice having a staging site that is a clone of your live site where you can reproduce the issue, and then disable all the extensions and see if like that the cronjob runs successfully instead of getting stuck, if this is the case start enabling the extensions one by one until you find the one causing the conflict.
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Hello Keller,

Regarding to this situation, what is the maximum amount of time a cronjob execution would last normally?

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this depends on several parameters, like your server memory, server processor, etc etc
So is difficult to say



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