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Bulk sync doesn't work
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We installed the extension and configured the list, but it only added 500 of the 1300 magento subscribers in Mailchimp. We changed the list to a new list and now it has only added 16 subscribers.

In previous extensions you could bulk import / export subscribers but this seems to have dissapeared. How can we succesfully import all current subscribers?

We are using the magento 1 extension.

Thank you
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Hi Dave,

thanks for choosing our extension.
What version of the extension you have?
The import/export is automatic so, you don't need to specify it. Try resetting the local errors

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Hi, I just upgraded to the latest version 1.1.5, it was 1.1.3. before.

New subscribres are being added but I can't import the old ones. In the previous magemonkey extension there was a option to bulk sync everything.

Also strange we enabled the api log but we don't see anything in the var folder.

What do you mean with resetting the local errors? Thank you!
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Also see screenshots.

Nr of subscribers in connected list, 237
Screen 1

And nr of subscribers in Magento (1518)
Screen 2
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In the ecommerce data section there is a button called "Reset local errors"


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