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Sync Error: customer : Required fields were not provided: id
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currently I'am expecting some issues with the sync of mailchimp and magento.

We are using Magento V. and Ebizmarts_MailChimp 1.1.5.

Every time i place a order i get the following error messages:

Invalid Resource 400 ORD customer : Required fields were not provided: id
Resource Not Found 404 ORD The requested resource could not be found.

The order is a placed as a guest - so, for sure the customer has no id.

But these orders should be sync as well.

Any Idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance
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Thanks for contacting us.
You should be able to see that same error message in the error grid at Newsletter -> MailChimp -> MailChimp Errors.
Please check one batch id containing the error, then go to the logs and search for the request with that batch id in the var/logs folder.

Also please let me know the order id associated to that error on that batch.



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