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Sync/export existing newsletter subscriber on Magento to Mailchimp
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Hi we are testing Mailchimp for Magento ver 1.1.5 on our dev site Magento ver

The problem is that in the old Mage monkey, there is sync option to export existing news letter subscribers from Magento to Mailchimp. Like in this screen shot:

However, in the new Magento for Mailchimp, only existing customers can be synced to the list in Mailchimp. So how can I sync the existing subscribers?

And in the new config, I can choose to sync the new subscribers into a list and the customers to that same list. Can we sort them in two different list like in the old MageMonkey ?
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thanks for your contact.
The subscribers are synced by default, you don't need in the new extension explicitly choose to export it.
In the API 3.0 that's is not possible, your magento is linked to a Mailchimp Store, and a Mailchimp Store can have only 1 list.



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