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Fatal error: Class 'Varien_Data_Form_Element_Datetime' not found
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Continuing here, since initial issue ( is locked.

Okey so we have Mailchimp installed on Magento First we got the error specified in topic 24808 and we did as was instructed (the sql query).

After doing this, we became unable to save our customers on the store, as did these people: (issues are most likely linked).

Production environtment redircts user on adminhtml dashboard when (s)he tries to save a customer. On my localhost the saving gets stuck on loading (no data is actually being saved).

The error we get on all environments on customer_save is the following:

2017-03-09T07:10:12+00:00 ERR (3): Warning: include(): Failed opening 'Mage/Eav/Model/Attribute/Data/Label.php' for inclusion (include_path='/private/var/develop/') in /private/var/develop/ on line 93

the "Label.php" is the frontend_input specified in

Is the module just not compatible with Magento version
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Thanks for the feedback. I changed the query to set it as text in stead of label.
Just run the new query shown on that same forum thread.

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Updated query solved the issue for me, cheers.


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