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Duplicate Store Removal Please
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Hi I have been told by Mailchimp to contact you directly as it seems my integration has created two duplicate stores and is showing them as inactive and they are saying this is why my integration is not working.

They have told me to ask you to remove the duplicates from my integration so I can start the integration again and only show one store in my account to select that is active.

Can somebody please help me?
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I'm not sure what Mailchimp is referring to, but this sounds like something that is done on the Mailchimp side.

You can remove the old stores going to

1. Paste your API Key there and click "Go".
2. Click the Ecommerce link.
3. Go to the top right dropdown that says "Subresources" and select "stores".
4. Select "delete" in the "Actions" dropdown for the store at the top. The one below should be the latest.


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