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Magemonkey/Mandrill Clash
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Magento ver. 2.1.5
MageMonkey v3.0.8 by ebizmarts

We are having an issue with MageMonkey clashing with Mandrill which we have replicated on our dev site.

New Subscriber emails are setup in Configuration > Customer > Newsletter using a template which sits in Marketing > Email Templates.

Configuration > General > Subscription Campaigns are Enabled.

Configuration > Magemonkey > Mailchimp General Configuration is Disabled.

Under these conditions we can sign up for newsletters, an email is sent via Mandrill using the specified template, a success message display on the front end, the subscriber is added to Marketing > Newsletter Subscribers and the correct welcome email is received by the customer. Unsubscribe functionality works as expected.

However if we change Configuration > Magemonkey > Mailchimp General Configuration to Enabled (as per the live site) then no email is sent via Mandrill.

For detail on this issue from our dev team please see this google doc
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Hello James,
What version of Mandrill are you using?

Kind regards
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Mandrill v3.0.10


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