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How to post an issue on the forums
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Here you have some guidelines to post your issue in our forum in a way we can help you and speed up the process of resolving your issue.

a. Before creating a new thread, please search the forum for a response for the same situation like yours.
If you found something similar to your problem, please evaluate following the same thread (this helps other users to find solutions).

b. If you already have a thread about an issue, please don't open a new one for the same issue, if you do this the history of the issue is too hard to follow, keep all the history in the same thread.

c. Post your Magento and Mailchimp4Magento exact version (please don't say something like "the lastest", specify your exact versions).

d. Let us know your extension configuration. The extension has a lot of options that changes its behavior, so is important to us know your configuration (please, attach an image of your configuration with your sensitive data protected).

Note: The forum doesn't allow attaching images so use an external image hosting site like for example

e. Before posting your issue enable both, the Magento general log and the Mailchimp4Magento extension log and take a look at the logs (the logs are in the var/log directory under your Magento root directory).

f. Before posting your issue take a look at your apache/nginx error logs (typically they are under /var/log directory). If your don't know where this files are, ask to your support team or server provider.

g. Take your time, explain deeply and clearly your issue. The more specific and explained you are, the more help we can give you (please don't post just something like 'the sync doesn't work', this doesn't help us).

h. Remember this is a public forum, never post sensitive information directly here because this can be seen by anyone, remember you can also sent a support request to if you need to share more sensitive information


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