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Singup Source Overwritten
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I'm a developer working on a website (Magento2) that is using your extension and I'd appreciate it if you could give me some clarification on the following issue:

If someone subscribes via OptinMonster to my list, the signup source on MailChimp is "API - OptinMonster" and what I'm seeing is that when someone makes an order, that signup source changes completely, and that's not desirable.
I'm aware now that this is the expected behaviour from the extension, but is there something I can do to change this behaviour?

Any help would be appreciated! smile
Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for contacting us.

That is something that Mailchimp handle internally. When a subscriber is sent we send the source but when that same email goes into an order or like a registered customer the source code change to the name of the Mailchimp store. You can contact Mailchimp support to ask to them about it, you can contact them here:


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