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Inordinate amount of 400 and 404 errors
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We are running MailChimp 4 Magento 1.x 1.1.12 and receiving an inordinate amount of daily errors - non-stop. Some 40,000 log errors in the last couple weeks. We recently reset our store connection and re-synced data with the new version in hopes of resolving some 404s but now it's worse. Where do we go with this? It's just constant 400s ("customer.email_address : This email address looks fake or invalid" errors) and 404s (quote views and product IDs not available) everyday.
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Thanks for contacting us.

Please follow this link to update your current version to the latest version (1.1.13) of the extension after that flush magento cache, reset local errors, resend ecommerce data, we always recommend before do the updates make a backup, execute the update in a secure/test environment, and put Magento into maintenance mode.
Please remember that if you have enabled compile option you need recompile it.


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