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Subscriptions not showing up at MailChimp
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Magento ver.
MageMonkey v1.1.28

API listed on config same as on MailChimp.

Get successful subscription notice:

Confirmation request has been sent.
Thank you for your subscription.

Get email to confirm.
Get confirmation notice:

Confirmation request has been sent.
Your subscription has been confirmed.

Address shows as unconfirmed in Magento Newsletter

Email address does not show at Mail Chimp

Nothing amiss in the Mage Monkey log.

Troubleshooting steps?
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Thanks for contacting us.

Please consider the MageMonkey extension is deprecated and we no longer support it, it has been replaced with Mailchimp for Magento, so the support we can give you for it is very limited. It also uses an old version of the Mailchimp API that we don't know when it could be discontinued. To receive full support you would need to switch to the new extension, you can read more about this here and you can download the latest version of Mailchimp for Magento 1.1.13 from here.


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