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Multi store mailchimp orders sync in queue indefinitely
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Current scope setup:
- Mailchimp version 1.1.12
- Mailchimp configured for 2 stores each on separate website level
Website A > store 1
Website B > store 2
- So, default config level is disabled but enabled on store view level
- Overall Mailchimp sync status has finished syncing for both stores

Website A > store 1 was originally setup as a main store and so has heaps of product data and old historic orders. Say, the store has been operating for 3 years and running, keeping in mind about the time it would take for the sync to complete to process this data, the First Date option in the Mailchimp configuration under the Ecommerce section has been set to recent 6 months. Despite all this, the orders grid is showing in queue for this store.

Non Issue:
Say Website B > store 2 was setup after Website A, has been operating for ~1.5 years and running, set the First Date option in the Mailhcimp configuration to recent 10 months. This is working fine and can see the Mailchimp ecommerce data being received in the Mailchimp Dashboard.

No ecommerce data is being received in the Mailchimp dashboard for Website A > store 1. After researching the git repo for potential patches since the module upgrade (was using MageMonkey previously), I applied this patch :
guessing the reset might actually been blocking it and let the sync run overnight. I checked this the next day and unfortunately, it is still stuck in the in queue state in the orders grid.

Since the first hurdle after upgrading the module from MageMonkey to Mailchimp4Magento was to get the initial Mailchimp configuration to sync completely so that ecommerce data could flow properly was hectic enough, I am unsure how upgrading from 1.1.12 to 1.1.14 will be like. Any resolution ideas?
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Hello, thanks for contacting us. You may expermient some sync problems in version 1.1.12 please update to 1.1.14.

Link to 1.1.14 version below:

You only need install it over your current version after that flush magento cache, reset local errors, resend ecommerce data we always recommend before do the updates make a backup, execute the update in a secure/test environment, and put Magento into maintenance mode.
Please remember that if you have enabled compile option you need recompile it.

If the problem is not solved after extension update please send an email to with:
- MailChimp_Errors.log, MailChimp_Failing_Requests.log, exception.log, system.log located in var/log folder.
- csv file format with the output for the next query: SELECT * FROM cron_schedule WHERE job_code LIKE "%mailchimp%";

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Hi, thanks for getting back.

Before I proceed with the update, I think I seem to have find the potential cause for this issue.

Looking at the Mailchimp Errors, I can see that there is a repeating log pattern that seems to execute every time the cron runs. I can see that the error logs based on product checks and order type checks are repeating for the Website A > store 1 whereas Website B > store 2 so far has been running successfully.

So, upon investigating further, some of the products did not seem to have description in them and so the error was:
Schema describes string, boolean found instead

For the orders on the other hand, it could not process a gift certificate type product which is created by a third party module and so failed for similar orders that contained a mixture of simple as well as gift certificate products and so produced the error:
A product with the provided ID does not exist in the account for this list

I believe, if this is what is causing the issue for the order sync to not be processed, then there is no point in updating the module as I have not seen issues related to this being mentioned in the release logs.
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Please check fixed bugs section for release 1.1.13 #747

Thanks for contacting us.


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