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Abandoned Cart Going to Purchased Customers
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Hi there!

I’m a Mailchimp user, running Magento 2.2.5 and ebizmarts v1.0.29.

I’ve struggled getting the Abandoned Cart emails going for months, until I figured out that I had to enable them inside Mailchimp from the “Connected Sites” menu under Abandoned Cart Email (I guess I figured simply creating it from Automations somewhere would do the trick).

Now my Abandoned Cart email sends as expected. However, it sends to everyone, including those that purchased. I had two customers yesterday email me asking why they got an email saying their cart still had items in it when they checked out.

Am I missing a setting somewhere, or another issue that would cause Mailchimp not to recognize customers who completed a purchase conversion event?

Thank you!

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Hi Dan thanks for using our extension.

This is a known issue. Please update your extension to version 1.0.32.

After update flush magento cache, reset local errors, resend ecommerce data we always recommend before do the updates make a backup, execute the update in a secure/test environment, and put Magento into maintenance mode.
Please remember that if you have enabled compile option you need recompile it.


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