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sync from mailchimp to magento not working
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I'm having troubles when making changes in the MailChimp admin as it's not syncing to Magento.

I can opt-in via the Magento customer account and it adds it to the list. And if I opt out using the same method it opts out of the list and both Mailchimp and Magento are synced.
But if I opt in a user using the MailChimp admin this is not sent to Magento causing a sync issue.

Does anyone know the solution to this problem
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Hello thanks for contacting us.

1. Could you tell me your current MailChimp and Magento version numbers?
2. Check the option two way sync is enabled on mailchimp extension settings.
3. Could you check if webhook was created in your mailchimp account ? please go to mailchimp Lists > [select desired list] > Settings > Webhooks
If webhook was created successfully please look for cronjob entries on your database marked as "success" and post the result:

magento 1:
SELECT * FROM cron_schedule WHERE job_code LIKE 'mailchimp_process_webhook_data';

magento 2:
SELECT * FROM cron_schedule WHERE job_code LIKE 'ebizmarts_webhooks';

Joined: 2019-01-28
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Thank you, i've uncovered a bigger problem with cron jobs erroring out and having ~250,000 unprocessed requests. Once they have processed through i will update this ticket to see if i can replicate the original problem


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