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Functionality Request
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Hello Ebizmarts,

I would like to know if there is a timeline on when 'Mailchimp for Magento 2' will support the scenario below.

1) Add unique 'Product Promo' block in a Mailchimp email campaign.
2) Set the block to auto-populate the promo code field with a unique promo code (differs for every email sent) that has been generated in Magento under a certain promo rule.
3) Send the email containing the unique promo code to subscribers.

Right now, companies like Coupon Carrier have something similar but I have been holding out hoping that this extension will evolve and offer that functionality because it is super important nowadays. When can we get this?

If anyone has a merge tag guide to do it that way, I would be interested for the time being, but I have not found anything clear enough and I get lost in the jargon and poorly defined steps.
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Hi Mark thanks for using our extension

Unfortunately mailchimp not support this functionality so we're not able to implement that you want.

Kind regards.


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