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MageMonkey problems with double opt-in enabled
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There is a problem only when the double opt-in option is selected (System->Configuration->Customers->Newsletter->Subscription Options->Need to Confirm).

Issue 1. During a registration of a new user, if the “Sign Up for Newsletter” checkbox is checked, the user receives two identical emails asking for confirmation for subscription to the newsletter.

Issue 2. If the “Sign Up for Newsletter” checkbox was not checked during registration, and the user registers in his account (on: /index.php/monkey/customer_account/index/) then the email gets to the MailChimp list (on, but not to the standard magento newsletter.

I have got the same results on three different magento installations (including one live server).
Configuration for reproducing the error:
- standard magento installation (version 1.6.1 or 1.6.2)
- MageMonkey plugin v 1.0.9
- Mailchimp configuration:
Enabled: yes
API Key: [api key]
General Subscription: [Main newsletter]
Additional Lists: [none selected]
Enable Ecommerce 360: Disabled
Customer Fields Mapping: [Defaults]
First Name for Guest subscribers: [empty]
Last Name for Guests subscribers: [empty]
Subscribe on checkout: Disabled
Transactional emails: Disabled

System->Configuration->Customers->Newsletter->Subscription Options->Need to Confirm set to Yes.

Thank you.
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Do you another extension that hooks to Newsletter registration events? Maybe an older MailChimp extension?

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Do you another extension that hooks to Newsletter registration events? Maybe an older MailChimp extension?

I used a fresh installation of Magento and installed only MageMonkey. Thanks.
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Hi, we are still investigating this issue as we are not able to re-create it. Thanks for your feedback.
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I will install again from the beginning and I will post a detailed list of all the steps.
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Hi again, problem still remains after 3 fresh installation of Magento and MageMonkey extension.
Following steps has been taken:
1. Install Magento vesrion
No errors.

2. Install latest 1.0.9(stable) MageMonkey extension via Magento Connection Manager.
No errors during installation. No other extensions installed.
Cronjob is set to run Magento cron.php script every minute.

3. Create Mailchimp account and added a new list
No problems.

4. Setup MageMonkey with API key from mailchimp.
Settings are as following:
Enabled = yes
General Subscription = previously created Mailchimp list
Additional Lists = none selected
Double opt-in = enabled in System->Configuration->Customers->Newsletter->Subscription Options->Need to Confirm = yes
Enable Ecommerce360 for = disabled
Subscribe On Checkout = disabled
Transactional Emails = disabled

5. Setup options for Magento Newsletter as following:
Success Email Template = Newsletter subscription success (Default Template from Locale)
Unsubscription Email Sender = Customer Support
Unsubscription Email Template = Newsletter unsubscription success (Default Template from Locale)
Success Email Sender = General Contact
Confirmation Email Template = Newsletter subscription confirmation (Default Template from Locale)
Need to Confirm = yes
Confirmation Email Sender = Customer Support
Allow Guest Subscription = yes

5. Create a user account in frontend
New user added in Magento Newsletter Subscribers list with status Unconfirmed.
Status in customer accout in Frontend "You are currently not subscribed to any newsletter."
......waiting for confirmation email to arrive..............
2 copies of confirmation email received.(might be a bug)
Clicked the link on one of the emails, and got message "Subscription Confirmed"
In frontend customer is now subscribed on general newsletter.
In backend in list of Newsletter Subscribers status changes to Subscribed.
New subscriber is successfully added in the Mailchimp list.

6.Unsubscribe on customer account in frontend
Customer is removed from mailchimp list.
Customer is still checked as Newsletter Subscriber in the magento backend and in Newsletter Subscribers list status remains as "Subscribed"
In frontend "My Dashboard" > "Newsletters" has status message "You are currently subscribed to 'General Subscription'.",
but in "Newsletter Subscription" (path /monkey/customer_account/index/) no list is checked.

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We'are taking a look at this and will reply as soon as we've got something to share.
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Hi Vi,

Sorry for the delay.
We are in the version 1.0.12, try with this now, the most of the bugs are repaired.
Just the 2 email copies that we never could reproduce.
Thanks and kindest Regards
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i recently installed your pluggin on my e-commerce based on Magento, and everything seems to work fine but the email confirmation. I have set the double-opt-in to yes and the “need to confirm” option to yes also, i have to add that my Magento’s has no customers, due to there’s no paymaent method, eventhough the customers global option is enabled as well.

My mailChimp_Exceptions.log doesn’t show anything but “2012-05-24T11:08:30+00:00 DEBUG (7): Exception code: 250 ||| Exception message: HOMETOWN must be provided - Please enter a value”.
But i think that’s nothing to do with the email confirmation, since in the admin/newsletter/subscriptiors they already appear but as “NotActivated”.

I really dunno how to deal with this. I would love any help you could give.
Thank you in advance for your time.
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Please check your custom field HOMETOWN as it seems to be mandatory in MailChimp, make it optional and you'll probably get rid of this issue.



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